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Summer Schedule 2022  (pricing below)

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Our flexi-schedule is an 8 week summer program where you can choose to attend 5, 6, 7 or 8 weeks and just pay for the weeks that you attend.  Register today to keep all of the skills learned during the school year, and gain new ones, too!  When fall rolls around, you’ll be ready to go!


Here’s how it works.  There are 8 weeks of summer classes offered.  You choose which ones work with your family’s schedule, and pay for only what you register for.  You may register for 5, 6, 7 or 8 weeks of class.  Come when it’s convenient for you, and don’t worry about missing for vacations or other summer events.  Flexible!  Easy!  Fun!  

Bonus:  Those enrolled in summer classes get priority registration for fall!


The 8 wk schedule includes the following weeks:

    June 27- July 2    July 5-9 (no class July 4)

    July 11-16          July 18-23

    July 25-30          Aug 1-6

    August 8-13       August 15-20

Fall session begins August 29


Register for 5-8 weeks, we don’t need to know which ones, just how many!  Prices are on reverse side.  Upon registration, you will pay for the whole summer term.  The more weeks you come, the more you save per class!  Please abide by our age groupings. 

Please call or email 

with questions.  



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