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Covid-19 policy information


We are back to regular procedures and are not masking, distancing, etc.

We do still use hand sanitizer with the kids and staff just to try to keep germs away.

Please have your kids wash their hands before and after gym and talk to them about not putting their hands or fingers in their mouth or nose.  :)

UPDATED INFORMATION as of August 2021:

  • We are now, once agin, tightening up our covid protocol in response to the CDC and PA guidelines.  

  • Beginning with the fall term, masks will be required in our lobby areas, and we will continue with the hand sanitizing and social distancing when gym space allows for it.  

  • We ask that parents drop kids off and return at the end of class to pick them up.  We want to continue limiting the number of people that are in the gym and that the kids are being exposed to, and we have seen a tremendous change in the way that the kids pay attention and focus on the coaches when the parents are not there.  We love seeing the kids working hard and we think you will be surprised at how much progress is being made. It has even amazed our coaching staff :)

  • THANK YOU for doing such a fantastic job of abiding by our policies during this pandemic. Your cooperation has made it possible for us to remain open and covid-free and we really appreciate your efforts during this time. 

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  • Welcome back to Arcadia!  We are so excited to have your kiddos back in our gyms but we understand that many of you may still be concerned about health issues due to Covid-19.  During the months of shutdown we used the time to prepare our buildings and our staff to create a safe and healthy environment.  Many hours of staff training have occurred to educate everyone from front desk staff to coaches to cleaning crews about the new health and safety protocols.  Over the past couple of months we have had our team girls and some classes back in the gym and have practiced these protocols and found them to go very smoothly and amazingly well.  Parents and athletes alike have done an amazing job sticking to the rules to create the safest environment.

  • While we recognize that we cannot both be open to the public and also prevent 100% of all germs from spreading, we are proud and confident in the policies and procedures we have put in place that meet or exceed all government recommendations and CDC guidelines.  For these precautions to be as effective as possible, it will require the support and participation of the entire Arcadia community.  We are allowed to operate at 50% capacity and we will be at less than that, so we feel very good about the amount of space that everyone will have to social distance. 

  • We are following CDC recommendations in every area in an effort to minimize exposure and to maintain the cleanest environment.  We have a cleaning protocol that follows the industry best practices, and we are diligently disinfecting areas used by anyone.  Throughout the classes we are disinfecting periodically, and a full cleaning is done at the end of each day.  We have thoroughly cleaned the entire gym, every mat and prop, drywalled new areas, painted most walls and changed all air filters.  The gyms look better than ever and are cleaner than ever.  Staff members are following staff protocols with regard to their health and hand washing requirements, as well as cleaning all mats and props used in class.

  • Doors for your child’s class will not open for them until 5-8 minutes prior to their scheduled start time.  This allows us to minimize the number of people in the lobby.   Please do not arrive early as it will just complicate the drop off area.  Likewise, please be on time to pick up your child so that we may get those cars out of the lot as the next ones are arriving.  

  • If you or your child are not feeling well, have a cough, cold or fever or you suspect that they may be ill, please do not bring them to the gym until you are absolutely certain that they are fine.  Parents drive up to the door where our office personnel will greet you, sanitize the athletes, and then the kids enter the gym. The CDC and PA government are discouraging parents from staying at youth practices, in an effort to reduce the number of people in the area.  If you feel that you cannot let your child be in the gym alone, only one family member may enter with the child.

  • Masks – Any adult who enters the building will be required to wear a mask while there, and we kindly ask that if you are comfortable leaving your gymnast in the gym alone, that you drop them off and either wait in your car or come back to get them.  We are doing all that we can to expose our students to the least number of people possible and to separate everyone in the gym, so extra people will hinder that. If you do feel the need to be in the building, ONE person per family may stay, and must stay seated on the chairs marked with an X, which are spaced according to social distancing guidelines. Students and coaches should wear masks into the gym, and in the lobby areas, but may remove them once inside the gym if they feel that they hinder their safety while training or coaching. Social distancing will always be practiced.  Desk personnel will wear masks while people are traveling through the lobby or at the desk making payments.  Desk personnel will not be permitted to engage in lengthy conversations with parents. Interaction will be kept to a minimum to ensure everyone’s safety. 

  • Shoes will be taken off in the lobby and should be left on the floor under the chairs or along the wall.  The lobby will be empty except for any parents who feel the need to stay, and there will be few kids in the gym at once that shoes can be spread out appropriately. 

  • Communal areas like the locker room will be closed until further notice. Each student is required to bring their own backpack which will contain their personal supplies like a water bottle, since the fountains are temporarily turned off, their own bottle of hand sanitizer, and anything else that they may need such as an inhaler.  Kids will be hand sanitized on the way in and out of the gym and before and after bars and beam, and they can use their own sanitizers or wash their hands as much as they/you feel necessary.  They will be asked to sanitize if they are touching their face, so please help us remind them to avoid touching their face while in the gym. Preschoolers do not need a bag, just a water bottle.

  • Students will be grouped with designated coaches and will only be with that small group while in the gym.  Groups will be kept apart and properly socially distanced from other groups and coaches. 

  • Spotting will be greatly minimized as per USA Gymnastics guidelines, particularly during the first part of fall as we get the kids back to their prior experience level.  Of course, if a skill appears to be going wrong, we will always jump in and protect the gymnast.  Safety always comes first.

  • Typically when we register for fall classes we do the new Arcadia registrations. If you register online you will complete it and pay for it there.  If you choose to pay in person, we will need you to print out the attached waiver and return it in an envelope with the $35 Arcadia registration fee in cash or check form on the first day that your child comes into the gym.  You may also include your tuition in the same envelope if you choose to not pay online, and just have your child hand it to the desk staff when they arrive at the sanitization station inside the door.  This will eliminate traffic in the lobby and help us to social distance appropriately.  We are trying to avoid in person, standing at the desk payments as much as possible. Cash or check in an envelope is great.

  • Arcadia is working closely with other gyms on this side of the state as well as OSHA, FEMA, CDC, WHO, USAG and PA Governor Wolf, but there are conflicting recommendations between these agencies.  Example: The CDC and Governor ask that we not allow viewing for practice, but USAG and SAFESPORT mandate that we provide viewing if parents feel it necessary, and that we cannot completely close our gym viewing area.  We are doing our best to sift through it all to come up with the best standard of care possible to keep our kids and staff safe.  Please help us by doing your part.

  • If you have questions please feel free to ask.  These are uncertain times and we want you to feel comfortable and as safe as possible sending your child to Arcadia.  Thank you for your support!! 

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