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Welcome to Arcadia!  

We think we know what you're looking for and we will do our very best to deliver!  Our mission at Arcadia is to provide a FUN, positive place for kids to train and learn to be better people through athletics. We want to develop happy, healthy kids who will grow into responsible adults.  We recognize that kids are God's gift to all of us, and we thank you for allowing us to have the opportunity to share our knowledge and love of sport with your child! 


Do you know why we stress correct technique rather than just letting kids throw themselves through skills? Why we teach by progression rather than just letting them learn those couple of "big" skills as quickly as possible? Why is it so important? Isn't just having fun what it's all about?

Well, it IS about having fun, and what’s more fun than realizing later in life that those days you spent in gymnastics and dance class have prepared you to excel at any sport you choose, due to the way in which you learned those skills?  Did you know that through play, exploration and experimentation children learn as much as through formal education?  Our staff has studied the research that shows that each act that a human being performs has an effect on the operation of his or her brain at a future time.


Activities done in a sloppy, disorganized manner develop sloppy, disorganized brain circuits.  An activity done with an eye to perfection, or one that challenges ability, builds and refines the circuits of the brain and makes for continual mental growth

We’re not just teaching skills here; we’re building awesome, smart kids!  We understand the relationship between physical activity and neurological function, and we teach accordingly.  Learn the correct way, be safe, develop good skills, and set yourself up for a lifetime of achievement in sport or life…that’s why we do what we do. 

It’s not just about gymnastics or cheer…it’s about the kids we teach and helping them to reach their full potential in every area.  Is it still fun?  ABSOLUTELY!  And you’ll see, too, that once kids learn proper form and technique, those “big” skills come even quicker, and the fun just increases! 

Enjoy your time here at Arcadia, and watch your child develop in more areas than you’d have imagined!

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