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Your child's success begins here
Classes for everyone!  2 locations!

Arcadia's mission is to provide a FUN, safe place for kids to train and learn to be better people through athletics. To develop happy, healthy kids who will grow into responsible adults.  We recognize that kids are God's gift to all of us and we thank you for allowing us to have the opportunity to share our knowledge and love of sport with your child.    

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Did you know that Arcadia consists of 2 locations, Arcadia Main (near Blackhawk Gold Course) and our Tumbleweeds facility (near Brady's Run Park)?  Classes are held at both, and for many classes, you can choose which facility you prefer.  Some specialized classes are held at only one gym, but check the full schedule to see where you can attend class.  

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Safety: Our staff is USA Gymnastics Safety Certified which means more knowledgeable, safety-conscious instructors teaching your kids.  We are also CPR and first-aid certified.  Safety comes first at Arcadia!

Equipment:  Both of our gyms are fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.  At the Arcadia gym there is an in-ground trampoline; in-ground resi-pit for soft, safe landings; a huge in-ground loose-foam pit; a 40-foot long Tumble Trak; an inflatable tumbling trampoline (Air-Trak); 13 balance beams, 5 sets of bars, 2 vaulting areas, 2500 sq. ft. of the best spring floor there is (Palmer Power Springs), and so many mats in different shapes and sizes.  Our Tumbleweeds gym has 2 full gyms full of awesome equipment and a dance studio.  The best equipped preschool gym anywhere around is in this facility, and that means safe, wonderful experiences for our littlest gymnasts!  

Staff:  Our staff LOVES kids and loves the sports we teach.  We genuinely care that kids have a good experience with us, and that they are learning correctly…the safe way.  Your child won’t be taught by another child’s adults with experience only!  Safe and professional.

Educational:  Preschool gymnastics at Arcadia is educational as well as fun!  Themes are used to make it even more exciting so kids learn easily.

Professional:  Our staff attends annual training conferences to learn the most current information and teaching techniques so we can do the best job possible.  Educated teachers mean better training for your kids!

Proper techniques:  We teach by progression.  That means that success with certain skills is required before others can be learned.  This is the safest and fastest way to learn gymnastics.

Teams:  We have amazing competitive teams, so our young kids have something big to shoot for if they choose, and great gymnasts and cheerleaders to look up to. Be trained by coaches who know how to produce great athletes!

Fun and life skill development:  However, since only 15% of our student population ever becomes competitive, most of the kids here are just doing it for fun and the benefits that gymnastics brings. Skills like setting and achieving goals, working with others, dealing with challenges, learning to follow directions through verbal and physical instruction, learning to have a love for sport and exercise, and realizing self worth through sport are just a few of the many that they acquire here!

We love kids!  We love our jobs!  We’re excited to teach your child and are very glad you are here with us!  Thanks for choosing Arcadia!

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