Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any other fees in addition to tuition?

Annual Administration Fee:  $35 per child; max $75 per family.  This runs September-September.  If you enroll in late spring or summer you will just pay a $20 registration fee.  This yearly fee helps defray office/administrative, insurance and other non-teaching costs.  This fee is paid with the health waiver form at registration.

Are there any discounts available?

Family Discounts:  At Arcadia, ONLY the most expensive tuition in your immediate family pays full fare.  All lesser tuitions are discounted by $10!  This means that your second, third, and all other classes per family receive a discount!  This does not apply to families with a child on pre-team, Jewel team, All-Star Cheer or the competitive team since these rates are already reduced.

Is there a certain date that I must pay by?

Our class goals and progressions are set to follow the school year.  Think of it as a year of gymnastics, broken into 8 week pay periods.  When you register, you are paying for a full 8 week term (except summer which is a flexi-schedule).  If you choose to continue into the next term, all you need to do is pay for that term before the Priority Due Date (PDD) to save your spot in the class.  If you do not pay by the PDD, your spot may be given up to those on a waiting list.  This format allows you to make payments less often, and still hold your spot in the class by paying on time. PDD dates are clearly written in the class information handbook as well as in emails sent out when the date approaches.

What is your returned check policy?

Returned Checks:  You will be charged a $35 fee for any check returned by the bank to cover fees that we incur.  Redeposited checks will be charged a $18 fee.

What are your Make-up Procedures?

Each child will be permitted to make-up 1 sick or missed day for each term.  Your tuition payment reserves your child’s space in the class, whether or not they attend.  Please do not ask us to prorate your tuition if you have missed class more than once a session for other reasons.  If your child has an extended illness or injury, please bring this to the attention of Arcadia management via the front desk for special consideration.  Thank you for abiding by this policy.   Scheduled holidays may be made up in addition to the one sick day make up allowed; ex. Labor Day, all Monday class kids may make that day up in another class.

What are your Safety Rules?

We have rules that must be followed while in and around the gym to keep everyone safe and free from harm.  Children should wait in the lobby until their teacher comes out to get them for class to begin.  No one is to be on any mats or equipment without the permission of their instructor.  Parents and siblings of students must remain at all times in the designated areas, not in areas used for  instruction. The safety of the students is our primary concern, and we ask that only gymnasts be in the training area.  Please keep control of other children that you bring into Arcadia that are not in class so that they will not be injured, or cause injury to kids in class.  The stairs should be considered “off-limits” except when the staff notifies you otherwise.  The upstairs is used for preschool and for warming up classes, so we ask that you stay downstairs and keep children off of the stairs for safety reasons.   Thank you!

Why is the lobby separate from the training area?  

Some parents wonder why our lobby is separate from the training area, which doesn’t allow for great viewing of classes.  We have organized it this way to keep your kids as safe as possible.  Kids stay focused much better on their teacher and what they are doing when parents and others aren’t readily in sight and earshot.  Although we understand that you want to see your child, we have had to make decisions on what is the most important.  We believe that the space for the students has to be our greatest concern, and thus we have designed the gym for that purpose.  We have a tremendous amount of the best gymnastics equipment there is, and we apologize that there is limited room for parents to stay and watch.  If possible, please bring your child into the gym for his or her class, then return at the end of class to pick them up. If you want to stay for class, we have installed several windows through which you may view your child.  Please share these viewing areas during the class with other parents that are in the lobby.   There is also a room to the right of the door as you enter set up with television and seating.   Please do not enter the area behind the desk to watch through that window, as that area is for staff only.   Come enjoy the year-end show to see the progress your child has made!

faq2Where should I park?

The paved lot to the right of the building is for parents.  Please use the whole lot all the way to the back.  The township tends to frown upon cars parked along the sides of the road, so please try to avoid doing so.  The area to the left of the building is to be used by staff only.  Do not block the entrance to the grassy area where staff members park.  Park just on the right side of the building.  Park and come inside to get small kids so that they are safe when leaving the gym, and please never park in the drop-off zone in front of the building, blocking others.

Is there a Dress Code?

For safety reasons, all students must dress appropriately for class.  Girls in gymnastics need to wear a leotard and their hair should be pulled back.  Boys should wear gym shorts and a t-shirt (sweats in the winter are fine, too).  Bare feet are preferred for everyone, as socks get slippery, and all jewelry should be left at home.  Cheerleaders and tumblers should wear either a leotard and shorts or a t-shirt and shorts, and should have bare feet unless they are mounting or tumbling, where they may wear clean sneakers.  Dancers should wear leotards.  Trampoline students should also wear socks.

Do you ever close for Inclement weather?

We follow Blackhawk School District closings.  If Blackhawk is closed, our morning classes will be cancelled and may be made up.  If there is a delay, please call the gym to see whether we will have classes that morning or not.  Evening classes are rarely cancelled, but if you are unsure, please call the gym.  Cancellations will also be on KDKA TV and radio.

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